hi maybehello i missed you allWaking up Excellent work indeed. Amazing surreal stories.amazing it is. excellent. I just. the things that come out of a person's head...D: what is thisssssssssssssssssssconfession I do the same thing.

In the morning, while waiting for the bus, like to imagine having a conversation with the people around me.

“Good morning, lady with the dog under her coat.”

- “Why hello! Well, my dog, which is probably called Foofoo, gets cold so easily these days.”

“Indeed it's quite chilly. And the days are getting longer.”

- “That's so true. It's getting harder and harder to get out of bed. If it weren't for my dog here, which I might as well call Foofoo, I wouldn't be up at all.”

“I couldn't even stay in bed because of the cold. That's why I'm off to buy a new blanket.”

- “You're looking quite tired, if I may say so.

“Well, I haven't slept much. Each time I woke up extremely thirsty, but instead of getting up and having some water, I went back to sleep and dreamt of having some.”

- “How odd.”

“Has that ever happened to you?”

There I stood, pondering at the bus stop. Staring at the lady and Foofoo, who repeatedly licked his nose. “Is anything the matter?” she asked all of a sudden. The sound of her voice surprised me, even though it sounded as warm as I had imagined. “No, nothing,” I replied, after which I started to walk back and forth, still wondering whether the lady ever had those dreams. But I couldn't imagine her reply. How annoying to be interrupted like that!