HooHoo says: Do something good today.Spindle turn caricature Archetypal All these bugs... Just leaving my mark.what i should've done... that would be nice if there was a voice that could tell me what i should've done. that way i could curse at myself for ages about not doing it then and there.Emos 4neva Just get a life!u talk like that to my sister OK ELLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP TRIENG TO PLAY COOL AND TUFGH, AND STOP THINKING THAT IF U CURS A HARMLES 12 YEAR OLD UR QUEEN, UNDERSTAND, U LITTLE BITHCH?! NO BACK OF!!!!!!!!!!!

'm not religious, but at the end of my life I wouldn't mind hearing a deep, resounding voice telling me what it was I should have done.

I wonder what he'd say.