My Mom wants my body... In the Family Cemetery.  Seems a reasonable request since the Family has been buried there for over 200 years.  Oh, and I want to be next to my Mother and Father and other Family.  I love my Family.  They are going to want the funeral to happen pretty quick, so they can get on with things.  Won't be time for much studying.  But I do have a Donor Car.  They get 12 hours, and don't mess up my hair please.Strange place Stopped for the bears and got a surprise after that.
This is a strange place, but strange is good.hey! has anyone seen the ''Bodies'' or ''Body Worlds'' exhibit?  they preserve bodies through plastination and use them to create art and scientific displays.  real cool, if you can stomach it!   here's the link!So Don'a' nose!
Fred Beav! XGreat site Never saw anything similar. Really interesting and original. I like it so much.Wow! I never thought of that! Mind you, you'd have to convince people who felt strongly about that... Or serve it in the ''mystery meat'' (I think they already do...) Or perhaps they can just go hungry?


always carry my donor card, right at the front of my wallet, so it's easy to spot. They can have all of me. Also, I wouldn't mind if medical students used me to practice on.

They can do anything: let me test the crush zone of the new Mazda, lay at the beach in mid summer without suntan lotion, get in a barrel and drop from Niagara falls, play truth or dare, bungee jump, get tattood, pierced and body-painted. I'm in for anything, since I won't notice any of it. Unfortunately.