HooHoo says: The biggest gift I ever got is finding this lovely website.My deja vu is always so bright Like in a whiter room. With the light shining through dust particles. The phenomena of Deja Vu I've been having lots of Deja Vu lately, but I'm not sure if it's actual Deja Vu. In recent months i experienced small events that felt very familiar, word for word. But I was never sure, did these actually happen before? Or did I just have some dream that was coincidentally similar, if not identical to what transpired? Like prophetic dreams that cause Deja Vu?It is correcting the flaws of egregious Gift is internet.big responsabilities Take this ''power'' far from common people, they won't understand.

Have you ever had those moments when you realize: “I know this situation. I've done this before! But when? Where? Or am I imagining things?”

have that a lot. At least once a day. After all these times of experiencing and pondering this phenomenon, I can only come to one conclusion.

  1. I'm gifted: I can see the future. Sometimes.
  2. I'm somewhat handicapped: my memory fails me. Always.
  3. That's why I vaguely recognize the future once it becomes the present. The memory doesn't quite surface. Just that nagging feeling you get when something is at once both strange and familiar.

Ever since I've explained it to myself, I always carry a notepad, just in case I catch a glimpse of the future. I use it a lot, apparently. To be honest, I can't recall having ever written in it. Once in a while I open it and I'm surprised by those scribbles, in my own handwriting. At these moments I sense the urgency behind those messages. I know I'm supposed to take heed of them, but they only raise questions like “What should I look out for? When? Where?”

Half forewarned is totally unarmed.