Help Honker Bonker Ugh these pages are the only thing that aren't blocked on my school computer, good thing I adore this website well... youre now 28. have you found it? i sincerely hope you have.I still haven't found  what I'm looking fordesignations impetus A bit of yearn
A mite of pain
It makes me learn
It's all the same

I'll never find
I'll never start
As log as blind
And scared my heart

So fly away
my dream desire
I admireYes, things get lost. The good news is I do not need as many things as I used to.  I bought 6 pairs of Reading Glasses a year ago.  2 left I think.  I get lost too, but I do not worry about it much.  I just stop and think and laugh.  Oh...Isn't there more?  No, this is it.  I am Grateful.PhotoSensate Wonderful images.

But still haven't found what I'm looking for.