Mister sat opposite me in the train, silently. He happened to get off at the same station, took the same subway, to the same street, flat, floor, door as me.

Right now he's standing behind me. Uninterested in the computer, he's staring out the window. Shall ask him who he is and what he's doing in my house?

Wait, he's leaving!

No, he turned on the television.

Oh well, never mind.

better... don´t talk to him why?... why did you talk to him?, he is weird... maybe you mut go to other place, because I think he is not going to go anywhere... or maybe, but, better if you... i don´t know... go in a trip to the beach when he is asleep?. do he sleeps?... maybe he is there so you can´t go to anywhere, is dangerous man, runpalla zangana palla zangana Oh well, never mind... I remember him now.  He was a very old roommate.  He left one day long ago without paying his share of the rent.  He's ashamed of it, and has not said anything...and I just recognized him.  ''Roomie, good to see you.  Don't worry about that last months rent.  Really.  How have you been?''  Good to see you man! hmmmm ....  getting the feeling that your in his house.
he smokes so don't worry.  soon he will die of lung cancer.  if not, give him food until he dies of obesity.The Amarans :: the past and the future Insects and ants of the world unite! Researchers in the high Andes have discovered a culture where they see the past and present in an entirely different way. The Aymarans see the past as something in front of them! I've written more about it in the tunnels of one of our websites. This moment is a sea change as far as I'm concerned!