Help The moth is dead uh, i am sorry :(what now? who am i?my baby bird died Once I have a baby bird... it was the smallest and cutest thing in the world, he loved to be in my shoulder or hide in my hair... one day he left his  little nest in the drawer and fly to sleep with me... so when I wake up, I realized that I´ve squized him by accident with mi head... I was so depressed... mom told me, he died because he loved me and wanted to be with me and sleep in my hair... I felt terrible, but now I know... I really loved him, it wasn´t my fault, i didn´t want him to Moth I have nothing to said 
;(dont worry, friend...... im sure it led a very happy life with you....
its ok...... were here for you....D: Poor moth. I want to give the man (Mister, I guess?) a hug.

My friendly moth died.