Owie That hurtin SILENCE there is peace Silence wraps around me like a soft downy feathersay I think thatwell ive seen bug life ....... and i know what your talking about.Knobbiness ditto''Ouch!'' This could take many roads. Does this mean you are too lazy to even say ''Ouch!'' ? Does it mean you don't show enough emotion to say ''Ouch!'' ? Do you think instead of screaming ''AHHHH! MY TOOOOE!!'' and throwing things, we should just vent with an activity? (Like writing.) Or perhaps that your reflex is to write about something before you act about it.

Either way, it will involve a ''Ouch!'', guarenteed, *Still Talking

"A pen, a pen, quickly!"
was the one thing that came to mind,
when bumped into the table,
breaking my toe.