Ruh roh-  So your the one who stuck that piece of gum on my ela table. Which I touched not knowing that it is- very upsetting ig. HooHoo says: The people who fail are people who are actually smart, but just don't try.what is this I can not understand.:( Does it drives you insane ?Sanity is just the point of view held by the majoritymy secret I'm terrified I'm just lazy.


'm full of secrets. Each day there are more
and more sneaky things to hide from the world.
Behind a lie detector, I'd rattle:


who stuck chewing gum there,
switched price tags,
swallowed all the tooth paste,
pointed the Japanese guy to the wrong street,
had the answers up my sleeve,
drew genitals on the wall,
kept putting the clock forward,
broke wind in class,
smeared dog doo on the bird house,
grew fungi,
fed the mice,
freed the hamster
and ran over the pigeon!"