Let's see. Why did come to the kitchen? To make coffee? Find my phone?

Oh I remember: I wanted to get a degree, travel, build a career, seduce women, start a family and then have a cup of tea.

Why don't I start with that.

tea! :DSoft Soothing flavor 'stead
of painfully bitter stuff
tea, never coffeeSalon -Tea I always order tea when I'm at the local tavern.
Until reacently it was quite a fuzz, but it seems, they've gotten used to it.
I don't eaven have to put on my ''I'm terrybly sorry'' face. 
#the world has changed.
Maby I'll try to order some Serenity next time.I'm not flat on my kidney yet! So do we compare this to the water in the back of our toilets or what?