lordy good fucking godand put some pins in mecreepy it probaby was his subconcious coming through in his dreams which actually was telling him to cut his toenailsfingers? Any extra fingers yet ?

dreamt I had lots of toes.

First, all my toe nails were gone. Completely gone. Just some soft dents at the end of my toes. "So that's under there," I thought.


Then I saw some nails coming through. Not at the end, but at the place where my toes bend. And I thought "That's strange. Very strange."


It got even stranger: a whole new set of toes started growing out. And my old nails started to grow back. "This isn't quite it."


It didn't stop there. A third set of toes appeared. Some stopped growing halfway and others grew together.

With a lot of fuss I managed to put on my socks. Staring at my think feet, it dawned on me: "This is bad. My shoes won't fit. I should perhaps do something about this."


The first thing I did when I woke up was count my toes. Five on each foot. Ten total. Is that normal? That's normal. Thank god.

Looks like it's time to clip my toe nails.