The Meaning Of Life The meaning of life is what you make of it. If it is to be good or bad, it is for you to decide. Jesus is the AnswerWhat I ment: Especially=Do you listen to it ?
-by beatind with it
-by body born sound
-by letting it fall on the ground
-by gently sweeping it
-by resonating it with your own voice

(With >it< I mean anything in your collection of, I assume, all kind of stuff. Not only including drugs)

be playful ^^Holy shit !!i Marina reinvented the 11th commandment... Doomsday is coming !!! We'll all get flushed away...LOL Hahaha,funny.,..But I didnt catch that either...What's that??who spoke of coffee? Silly guy, he talked about ''white stuff'' and then 20 Euro is not too much. What planet did you com from?umh... whats a vagabond?

This vagabond looked so sad, just had to ask:

Would you play the guitar for me?
- I can't play the guitar.
Then could you show me the way to the station?
- No idea.
My shoes could use some shining.
- So what?
Uhm... Are you a poet?
- No.
Do you sing?
- No.
- No.
You smell.
- That's right.
Do you already have a warm meal and bed?
- Yep. And I've got my stuff.
I see.
- Good stuff.
- Wanna buy?
- Yeah, why not? A gram of white for 20 euros.
Well I...
- It's good stuff. Just ask him.
Is it?
- Yeah. Good stuff.
- Nice yeah.
Well alright. I'll have a small bag of white. Here you go. 20 euros. And thank you. I didn't have this one yet. I used to be a bit of a collector. Lately I just have it black, but you make it sound so nice. So where can I get some coffee?