can't grasp the notion of time.

When I hear the earth will melt into the sun, in five billion years (or was it two) , all I can think is:

"Will that be on a Monday?"


world i hope the world ends soon. not because i want to die but i feel beautiful mother earth deserves a breakwhat? what's happening?bye bye world nah, it will be on a doomsday I thinkit's not a line People always describe time and life as a line, going from Point A to Point B. 

I think it's more of a circle. world ending i wonder hhow it will look when the world finally endsSpluch's comment You sound so dreadfully Brittish that it's a shame to correct you, but no my dear, it will not be on a Monday, by then the days will have new names and the day will be called ''Sprungleday''. Isn't that rather convenient? .. I knew you would love it, greetings, Lilith Litha